Andaluz - Ruben van Rompaey

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Andaluz / Ruben van Rompaey
Andaluz was founded by Dutch artists Ruben van Rompaey and his brother Rutger van Rompaey, both active within the international world music scenes.

Ruben van Rompaey
After obtaining his master’s degree (cum laude) at Rotterdam Conservatory Holland, Ruben taught at the same institute for several years. He immersed
himself in the local jazz scenes of New Orleans and New York USA and lived in Turkey and China. He is winner of the Tama Drummer’s Award, Erasmus Jazz
Award a.o. As a touring artist and workshop leader, Ruben has performed at various national and international world music and belly dance festivals, which
brought him to countries like China, Japan, France, Turkey and USA. He has performed and recorded with renowned jazz-fusion musicians such as Erkan
Oğur and Toshinori Kondo. Besides having released cd’s as a composer and musician, he is author of educational books, among which his book Darbuka Rhythms, several articles in professional magazines such as Modern Drummer Magazine (USA), as well as being a writer of poetry.


Inspired by the imaginative stories of times long gone of the ancient Silk Roads, the music of Andaluz represents a fresh and unique concept.
Evolving at a time when cultural borders are metamorphosing and crosspollination in music has reached an unprecedented level, the compositions try
to push ordinary boundaries by exploring new frontiers, while at the same time staying rooted in traditional cultures.
Pan-Asian ambiences smoothly blend together with modern beats and progressive sounds, summoning pictures of surrealistic worlds.
Featuring renowned international guest artists, Andaluz takes the listener on an imaginary romantic story, alternating between the ancient Silk Road and its
contemporary version: from the beauty of majestic mountain passes to the tallest skyscrapers or endless highways built of concrete.
“Immerse yourself on an imaginary voyage crossing the borders of time, to the corners of the West and back, into the heart of the mysterious Orient.
A ship leaves for some unknown destination, exploring the mysterious parts of the world. Follow the musical caravan to the New Silk Road!”

Ruben van Rompaey - drums & darbuka, oriental percussion, additional bass,
synthesizer & vocals
Rutger van Rompaey - acoustic & electric guitars, bouzouki
Shera - clarinet, ney, zurna
Arno Hagenaars - banjo
Bianca Jonkers - flutes
Erminia Fenández Córdoba - vocals
Tim Rayborn - add. string instruments
Erkan Bediroğlu - electric guitar Turkish style
Electric trumpet (Sky Castles) - Toshinori Kondo
Additional vocals (Desert Winds) - Stephen Bell