Andaluz - Ruben Van Rompaey

Genere: Ethno, World Music

In attività dal 2008

Album: 12

In times of continuous change, music invariably proves to be an endless source of inspiration reflecting the traditional Zeitgeist as well as being a spring of fresh creative movements. Andaluz represents a new, unique musical concept and expression, evolving at a time when musical-cultural borders are disappearing, pushing ordinary boundaries and entering unknown worlds. Traditional Pan-Asian ambiences smoothly blend together with contemporary beats and progressive sounds, summoning pictures of imaginary worlds. Immerse yourself on an imaginary voyage through rich multicultural musical worlds - from the most western corners to the mysterious Orient - and follow the caravan via ancient to the contemporary silk roads, represented through hyper-modern world music! 

 Andaluz is a production by Ruben and Rutger van Rompaey - Cultural Bridge