Nuna Shoesmith Sextet

Genere: Jazz

In attività dal 2019

Album: 1

I'm Nuna Shoesmith, a professional singer. I studied at the Conservatory when it was still strictly classical music and at the age of 22 I moved to Australia where I decided to direct my musical career in a different way dedicating myself to jazz, soul, funk, blues, pop and later on also to teaching and vocal coaching. In Australia I worked with some of the most interesting names of the Australian jazz scene such as Miroslav Bukovsky (Wanderlust), James Greening (Ten Part Invention) , Kevin Hunt, Jeremy Sawkins, Monica Trapaga, Fabian Hevia (The Catholics). After a previous record in 2013 written four hands with Roberto Fiorucci, who plays the Chapman Stick, in which we brought for the first time in the discography a project where the Stick and the voice were the main instruments, in 2020, when the pandemic took away the work of the nights in the clubs and many of the singing students I had, my salvation was writing, composing new songs. Thus was born my second album "Courage", sung entirely in English. The only possible title was Courage, because it is a unique project in the international music scene, because it wants to come out at a time when music no longer sells, because it is a record of a musician who has not given up and because it is a record essentially rhythmic, with a strong jazz influence, but it sounds completely different from a typical jazz work.