We Are Xing Records originally founded in 2005 and focused on publishing dance/trance music on CD single and CD album formats. The first A&R manager was the legendary Bernd Loorbach who unfortunately passed away far too young in 2018 after a long battle with Leukemia. The business side was Alex de Vries who had his roots in video games publishing.
Dutch music retail was in serious decline already though and partly as a result of poor distribution through just the now defunct chain “The Music Store” and some independent record stores subsequent Xing Records’ releases sold only a few physical copies after which the label suspended releasing new albums and singles on CD and vinyl. In 2006 the company added a distribution arm in the form of Xing Entertainment Distribution which distributed music, movies and video games to Media Markt, Free Record Shop, Music Store, Intertoys, Aldi, Bart Smit and a large number of independent retailers in the Benelux. In 2008 the distribution entity was dissolved and Xing Interactive went back to publishing video games as its core business activity after liquidating all remaining stock at below cost.
The label has been revived in 2014 after being dormant for 6 years without any activity andtheir focus regarding music has completely changed to funk, jazz and soul with a few hip-hop, pop, singer/songwriter and rock acts as well. The company is only doing digital distribution and promotes its select roster of artists across 5000+ radio stations, music blogs, spotify playlist curators and DJ record pools worldwide.

IJselstraat 19, 9406 TN Assen, Netherlands

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Un’idea smette di essere tale quando la si lascia libera di crescere e svilupparsi in armonia e senza condizionamenti.
L’Artista come vettore di una rinascita e di un cambiamento che vanno valorizzati, seguendo un percorso su misura che porti alla crescita spontanea del talento.
Il prefisso, la radice, un comune denominatore di artisti con i quali condividiamo valori, percorsi ed ambizioni.
Hotspot sonoro dal respiro globale, mettiamo in primo piano il messaggio artistico e culturale di un’opera alimentandone l’essenza attraverso Management, Booking e Discografia.

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